26 Nov

EOS Data Analytics, owned by Max Polyakov, will launch two imagers developed by Dragonfly Aerospace to track agricultural changes.

Eos Data Analytics Will Launch Dragonfly Aerospace’s Imagers Into LEO

EOS Data Analytics signs an agreement with a South African company Dragonfly Aerospace. The latter should deliver two high-performance multispectral imagers for data analytics and tracking environmental changes. These devices will be added to the EOS Data Analytics satellite that should be launched into Low Earth Orbit by 2022.

EOS Data Analytics on Collaboration Potential

EOS Data Analytics, founded by a Ukrainian entrepreneur Max Polyakov, is one of those companies that advocate sustainable use of our planet’s resources. With HR-250 imagers developed by Dragonfly Aerospace, EOS can ensure wide area coverage and high-resolution images of agricultural land. This data will be used not only to monitor environmental changes but also to support commercial agricultural farming.

Data obtained from EOS and Dragonfly Aerospace will be used for precision farming. High-resolution pictures will allow farmers to monitor any changes in soil and yield conditions. Analyzing any critical indicators will help take commercial agriculture to a new level.

To date, this technology has no rivals, as it can help farmers and analysts to:

  • Frequently track and analyze data. EOS Data Analytics will provide access to multispectral images 5-7 times quicker than any other company. This will ensure a high frequency of observation and will help farmers monitor changes in real-time. In contrast to that, non-commercial satellites send pictures of soil every three-four months, which is unsuitable for precision farming.    
  • Up to ten times higher image resolution. High-resolution images will allow for precise analysis of smaller     and areas. Today, Sentinel and Landsat analyze large areas of land, but with EOS tech, it is possible to analyze just one farm or a field.    
  • Get individual data for yield forecasting.    
  • Detect any anomalies in soil and yield condition.    

According to Polyakov, EOS Data Analytics founder, protecting our planet’s resources should be the main moving force behind any space tech. EOS is part of the Noosphere Ventures portfolio — a venture founded by the same entrepreneur. The same ‘protection and sustainable use’ vision is transparent through all of Max’s business projects. He claims that this technology will help predict natural disasters and prevent human death. Combining EOS satellite with Dragonfly Aerospace imagers will help get precise data on any environmental changes, keeping the planet intact for future generations.

Dragonfly Aerospace OverviewDragonfly 

Aerospace is a key player in South African space tech. These experts have been behind every microsatellite space project in the country and now boost 20+ years of experience in the space area. The company is based in Techno Park Stellenbosch and is currently working on satellite constellations.

EOS Data Analytics Overview

EOS Data Analytics is an internationally trusted provider of AI analytics. This California-based company works with various organizations, from governments to research centers. They have vast experience in a variety of military, educational, mining, and agricultural projects. Ensuring a better future for humanity is the main vision behind all space tech this enterprise designs.

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