17 Mar

Space Foundation bags a three-year partnership with Max Polyakov's Noosphere Venture Partners for its annual international student space art contest.

Dr. Polyakov Advocates For Space Again By Sponsoring A Space Art Contest

Dr. Polyakov, the managing director of Noosphere Venture Partners LP, shows his interest and love for space openly. One look at the organization's official website is enough to understand his drive for promoting the growth and development of space. The new partnership with the Space Foundation is only another attempt at making his message come across. When asked about it, he said that the art contest and Noosphere Venture Partners' objective is the same. They both want to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) through the perspective of space and encourage the next generation to dream for the stars.

Noosphere Promoting Space

Dr. Max Polyakov believes that a human mind enriched with knowledge is the crucial component that can protect and preserve the planet from future challenges. Thus, Noosphere Venture Partners LP, an asset management firm that helps potential companies to transform into world leaders, is seen investing in the field of space and technology. Firefly Aerospace is the perfect example which the organization sponsors for its upcoming Alpha rocket's maiden flight. The same is also nominated as a representative by Dr. Polyakov for the International Art event.

Space Foundation Completing A Decade Of The Art Contest

The annual art contest, launched in 2011 by the Space Foundation, is about to mark its first milestone by completing its first decade. While it already has a reason to be excited about, the initiative by Dr. Max Polyakov to sponsor the event has increased the reason to celebrate with manifolds. The Space Foundation COO, Shelli Brunswick, shares her gratitude to Noosphere Ventures with all her might. She adds that tomorrow's upcoming generation will be taking up essential leadership roles by becoming innovators and entrepreneurs. With Dr. Polyakov and Noosphere's help, they will inspire more such minds and encourage them to dream for something literally out of the world.

The Annual International Student Art Contest

The International Art Contest by the Space Foundation receives over 4500 submissions each year electronically. With entries coming from countries like Malaysia, Japan, China, the United States, India, and many more, the contest has made a massive collection of thousands of artworks. Each year twenty-five submissions are selected for exhibition at the Discovery Center and the Annual Space Symposium of the Space Foundation at Colorado. The contest is free to enter for any student aged between 3 and 18. Every year three winners are selected as first, second, and third from eight age categories, of whom one gets to take home the Space Foundation Achievement Award. This year with the aid of Dr. Polyakov, the contest is expected to, in his words, "instill love for space" in young minds.

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