29 Dec

This article looks at entrepreneurs such as Max Polyakov who have teamed together to launch their exciting venture known as the Noosphere Engineering School KPI. 

In late 2020, the go-ahead for a new educational research centre known as “Noosphere Engineering School KPI" was given in Ukraine. Approved by Igor Sikorsky Kyiv, the centre aims to strengthen science communication. It will promote cooperation between practitioners in the education, scientific and business industries in Ukraine. The centre will also help train up potential applicants for higher education in engineering. 

In addition, the centre will conduct novel research on current technology and engineering markets. There will be competitions, such as the Sikorsky Challenge, which will help to foster innovation in start-ups. The hope is to attract new higher education applicants and teachers to come up with creative ideas and gain practical experience.

 A non-governmental body led by Max Polyakov known as Noosphere Association aims to unite scientists, promote science and develop new technologies that can be used in business. From the development of space technology to e-commerce, the organisation is supported by Tech companies from all over the world. Noosphere maxym polyakov promotes his ethos entitled “realm of mind”, putting ideas and technology at the forefront, to change the world for the better.

 The Noosphere Association works with Ukraine’s leading universities through the Noosphere Engineering School project. The project helps foster collaboration between top teachers, managers, university professors and graduate students. The goal is to help exciting engineering projects grow by providing support and financial backing. 

New and Exciting Plans

The future looks bright - the new centre will promote tech-based education and attract new people into the world of engineering. Those applicants that are successful will have a lot of backing and help. 

There will be seminars, masterclasses, career guidance and various cultural events held in collaboration with the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. Students from this Institute will be given assistance with practical scientific education. Help will be given on various levels, from ordinary course projects, right up to master’s theses. 

It’s an exciting time for anybody in industries such as electrical engineering, mechanics, electronic engineering, and even space exploration. The centre has ambitious plans to help students from all walks of life. It’s a venture that aims to create big wows from big minds. Support will be provided for those who have great ideas. 

One of the best things is that the organisation plans to hand out scholarships to those who show promise. This means that people can receive the necessary equipment and funding to help their engineering and science-based project flourish. Not only this but help will be given to market various initiatives and ideas, as people in scientific backgrounds tend to struggle with this. It is hoped that many people will submit great ideas to competitions such as the Sikorsky Challenge Festival or others. 

The future of engineering is bright, and the Noosphere Engineering School KPI shines more light on the world of scientific research. Let’s see what great ideas will be in the pipeline!

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