23 Mar

EOS Data Analytics CEO Dr. Max Polyakov intends to launch agriculture-oriented satellites latest by 2024. How will it help the agricultural sector?

New agricultural satellite to be launched by EOS Data Analytics

EOS Data Analytics announces the launch of agriculture-focused Recently, EOSDA (EOS Data Analytics), a satellite imagery analytics provider, intends to launch at least seven optical EOS SAT satellites. The company plans to integrate this project into a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) by 2024. This project is to ensure that EOS Data Analytics has an adequately equipped satellite data production vertical. Ideally, the company will be able to collect explicit imagery, process, analyze and deliver its services efficiently.

Reasons for the latest launch

he idea behind this launch is to ensure that EOS Data Analytics can monitor farmlands more effectively. This project is quite unique in bettering agriculture. With this development, EOSDA's satellite monitoring technology, accessibility, and productivity will increase immensely. Besides, the introduction of the satellite constellation projects will significantly help address some of the global challenges, including environmental threats, land degradation, and climate change.In the 21st century, agriculture stands out among the many firms that should be benefiting from the latest space technologies. According to EOS Data Analytics chief executive Artyom Anisimov, embracing new technologies would help address agricultural challenges, such as climate change, soil maintenance, and land use. Undeniably, the latest satellite constellation will be a perfect trailblazer and a leading firm in this arena. The EOS SAT satellite will be 2.8m multispectral resolution (Ground Distance) and 1.4m panchromatic, 11 band channels, and up to 40km swath width. The channels to be used will utilize agricultural interests. Before the constellation is launched, there will be a three-day revisit globally. All the satellites are designed to serve a five-year span. 

Benefits of EOS Data Analytics

EOS Data analytics founder Max Polyakov is optimistic about this development in making changes in the agricultural sector. "Boosting food production amidst climate change requires substantial yet sustainable agriculture principles," remarked the confident Dr. Max Polyakov. Achieving agricultural objectives is almost impossible without any actual data and analytics. With everything in plan, there lies a great possibility that EOS Data Analytics will provide the necessary data to farmers to meet their agricultural goals.

The EOSDA farming section has several features, including:

  • Crop health monitoring
  • Classifying crops appropriately
  • Estimating soil moisture
  • Predicting weather patterns

With the intended launches, EOSDA will offer the following:

  • Real-time accurate data after comparing approximately five to seven satellite      fly-over weekly
  • Proprietary statistics for in-house farming models that aim at increasing production speed
  • Image      resolutions that are two to eight times higher than the standard agriculture monitoring techniques
  • Exclusive image rights for particular areas.

This project is divided and spearheaded into three phases; 2022, 2023, and 2024. The first project is supposed to be launched in 2022, with other updates following in the subsequent phases. For more information, you could read the EOS Data Analytics website. You can also learn more about the launch by visiting EOS SAT. 

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