24 Feb

The EOS developer, Max Polyakov, explains the numerous benefits of effective partnership with ArgoXchange in terms of satellite monitoring in the Nigerian farming process.

The Advantages of Cooperation Between EOS Data Analytics and ArgoXchange in Nigeria Farming Sector

EOS Data Analytics is a world-known international provider of in-depth AI-powered satellite imagery analysis. Recently, Max Polyakov, the head of EOS has started the cooperation with the AgroXchange company. It is another efficient digital profiling platform, which focuses on providing full access to the international market, giving credits, and essential inputs for Nigerian people who work in the agriculture sector. The goal is to launch a satellite crop monitoring system to boost farming processes for smallholders in Africa.

The Cooperation Between ArgoXchange and EOS

It would help if you understood the main advantages of mutual cooperation between ArgoXchange and EOS. It is the only way to start integrating innovative space technologies into the agricultural sector in Nigeria's territory. As soon as the satellite monitoring system for cropping gets implemented within agriculture tech, the total productivity of Nigerian farms will improve up to 30%. It is a vast potential to give a try to up-to-date technologies.

Effective Farming Solution for Nigeria

If you are a small farmer in Nigeria, the decision to adopt a space monitoring system can become the smartest solution in saving your costs. It is the best way to improve the entire process of cultivating your fields. As soon as a farmer gets access to a visualized data from satellites, he gets a perfect model of how to do the following:

  •      cropping the fields;
  •      tracking surface moisture;
  •      assessing the general health of all vegetation;
  •      managing the condition of Nigerian fields in a remote manner.

The Potential of Nigerican Agriculture

It is not surprising that Nigeria and Africa, in general, have enormous potential in terms of economy. However, a farmer must follow the trends and try up-to-date tools. The process of implementing satellite tools can boost the development of the entire country. Investing in cropping monitoring systems is a smart solution for small farms in Nigeria that are interested in gaining support for profit growth. It is the only way to reach sustainable farming results for the future. There is nothing complicated in accessing and managing satellite technologies. Besides, it is an efficient way to maintain food security on the African continent. Such tools are essential during COVID-19 and dramatic climate change times. It is a life-saving solution to adopt the app for remote sensing technologies. A farmer will improve food security, incoming money, and livelihood in general.

The Application for Remote Sensing Technology

AgroXchange is a reliable database of farmers in Nigeria. The company leverages the penetration of modern tools in Nigeria. Imagine that a GPS location component of your mobile device can facilitate essential data collection in real-time. The main goal is to decrease the cost of doing agriculture business for Nigerian farmers. The final results will impress you and your team!

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