25 Aug

Max PolyakovMax Polyakov

Travelers reached the lunar surface for the first time in 1969. This was made possible by a plan through NASA known as Apollo. The US adopted this project in 1961 and it ran for 15 years.

A total of 17 missions got completed through the program. Through those projects, people reached the moon area 6 times where they managed to collect some soil samples which they brought back with them.

Currently, the Americans are planning to travel to the lunar again under a program they have named Artemis. Their aim this time is to go beyond the location of the moon to collect some soil. Through this initiative, NASA wants to find favorable human living in the lunar region by the following 5 years. That can additionally assist in research and forming a powerful ground for creating the moon's economy.

NASA’s main aim is to get some space in the lunar region. This will then be a launching place for travelling to Mars. Earlier on this initiative was supposed to be completed within ten tears but President Donald Trump reduced that duration to five years.

NASA’s travelling initiative

This project will take place in stages.

  • 1st stage     

During this initial stage, crucial items will be taken to the lunar region. Previously NASA had chosen various great companies to move technological equipment to the earth satellite. The organization by Max Polyakov called Firefly Aerospace is among those selected companies. This company is willing to offer the space field a launch vehicle named Alpha. Next year, this organization is also expected to release a conveyor missile.

  • 2nd stage

This stage entails ensuring that all travelers will be safe during their travels. A program called Gateway is the one that ensures their security. This Gateway can additionally teach the travelers about the risks they might face during their travel and during upcoming projects.

  • 3rd stage

Here is when the astronauts will reach the lunar region and they will return to the place of the orbit.

Firefly organization by Max Polyakov is the only one involved in this space initiative. Ukraine has been one of the best space countries lately. Their technological capabilities are very powerful and from 2018, Firefly R&D facility has been running there. Firefly has created parts for missiles that are expected to be launched soon. They have also created prototypes for their first satellite.

Also, for a period of two years, the owner of Firefly organization has managed to gain permission for US air force initiatives to enter into a contract with several companies to provide launching services. These and other efforts (check liga.net to see what else Firefly has achieved) are what made NASA feel that Firefly is the best company to engage in the space initiative.

Firefly Company will release its Alpha rocket by the end of this year. Gamma and Beta space rockets are also expected to be launched later.

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