18 Nov

EOS Data Analytics, owned by Max Polyakov, partners up with Dragonfly Aerospace to develop imagers for commercial agriculture analysis.

 Dragonfly Partnering with EOS Data Analytics

EOS Data Analytics is part of the Noosphere Venture Investment Portfolio. Headquartered in Menlo Park, this company provides AI-Powered analysis of high-resolution satellite images. It has partnered with various government, commercial, and research institutes.

On the other hand, the Dragonfly Aerospace company works to develop high-performing satellites for taking better images of large constellations.

These two companies have worked together to launch a satellite equipped with two Dragonfly Imagers. The HR-250 multispectral imagers will be able to create high-quality images in the seven spectral bands. They can take pictures in 1m resolution. This satellite will be launched into space by the end of 2022.

 How Will This Partnership Benefit the Agricultural Industry?

These images will help us understand the human impact on nature, how the climate is changing, and ways to prevent anomalous change. The tech can detect the smallest changes in land-use over time. The commercial agriculture industry will particularly benefit from these images that cover a wide area.

EOS Data Analytics and EOS Crop Monitoring look forward to working together and sharing their resources to exploit precision farming's true potential. Farmers will be able to determine the soil conditions before cultivation begins. They can predict the yield with higher precision too.

Thanks to this combined effort, farmers and the entire agricultural industry will no longer have to wait for months before they receive multispectral image data from non-commercial satellites. The satellite from Dragonfly and EOS can acquire and process this data in half the time.

Moreover, as Dragonfly imagers guarantee high-resolution images, researchers can study the smallest details and develop better solutions. They look forward to providing their services to any country worldwide and with any small or big field size. Along with capturing high-resolution images, these satellites can also detect the smallest anomalies in crop fields, thus providing more precise data.

About EOS Data Analytics and its Founders

Max Polyakov is a Ukrainian-born American entrepreneur. He was born on 30th June 1977. Over the years, he has founded many companies in the field of technology, space exploration, and IT.

He is the founder of the Space Exploration company Firefly Aerospace. He is also the founding member of several other companies including Renatus, Mukra LLC, HitDynamics, Cupid plc, Maxymiser, and EOS Data Analytics.

He also devotes his time towards philanthropy work. He is an advisor for the government body Noosphere Association, Noosphere Engineering School (Ukraine), and the LP Venture Fund.

Polyakov has aspirations to conquer space, too. In 2017, he acquired a Space Startup by engineer Tom Markusic. Tom has previously worked for SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Galactic. 

This space exploration company is known as Firefly Space Systems. Its R&D wing is headquartered in Dnipro (Ukraine). Currently, it has a team of 140 Ukrainian-born Engineers.Firefly Space Systems is currently listed by NASA for its Lunar Exploration Program, with a budget of 2.6 Billion.

Firefly Space Systems also oversee their rocket programs. Currently, they are working on project Alpha. This Space probe vehicle is scheduled to be launched sometime in 2020 from the Vandenberg Air Force Base.

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